Artist of the Month, April 2015 — John Robertson

As one who played a lot of sports over the years it was natural for artist John Robertson to document his play.  He started photographing friends and them started painting the images and giving the paintings away.  He likes capturing the action and still thinks of sports as people in play.  What he enjoys painting is the beauty, the action and flow of the athletes in a way that cannot be accomplished in a photograph.  Rather than trying to capture the mirror image of the athlete he tries to capture their essence.

Robertson has created art for Fox Sports, Fox Sports Net, Prudential Sports Arena (home of the NHL New Jersey Devils), the Amway Sports Arena, Orlando Florida home of the NBA Orlando Magic and various other commercial projects.  His most recent project was to create a number of paintings for the new San Francisco 49er’s Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, Ca. that opened in the spring of 2014.  His paintings have been in movies, commercials and on television.  He has also created a number of images for private clients.

For more information go to:  www.JohnRobertsonSportsArt.com ; or .