Artist of the Month, January 2016 — Sean Kane

Sean Kane

Sean Kane

Sean’s baseball artworks celebrating the game’s greats feature player portraiture, graphics and hand-lettering on era-specific vintage baseball gloves.

Sean’s paintings have been exhibited at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the Milwaukee Brewers’ Miller Park, and the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse, New York City (solo show). His works have been featured on ESPN. com, NBC Sports. com and MLB Network Radio and reside in the collection of The National Pastime Museum, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and private collections across the U.S.

Sean has been a professional artist for 20 years, creating illustrations for some big hitters in the publishing and corporate worlds including The New York Times,, The Wall Street Journal, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Charles Schwab, and Target Stores, among others. He’s a Chicago native now residing near Toronto with his wife and two Little Leaguers. Sean is a graduate of Butler University and attended Herron School of Art.

Sean’s work merges portraiture with bygone baseball gloves to celebrate the game’s great figures. These acrylic paintings embrace the unique character of classic gloves, re-purposed with player portraits, hand-lettering and graphic elements to create a connection to the era and story of those depicted.

The work derives from a desire to visually connect a passion for the game’s history, the look of the game on and off the field, and a fondness for vintage mitts since childhood, when Sean was given his father’s old glove.

These works are intended to evoke special memories for the viewer– of a first glove, favorite players and baseball moments they’ve experienced. These paintings are also meant to playfully attract and engage the unfamiliar fan, sparking their curiosity about players, eras of the game and the gloves themselves.

To view more of Sean’s work, check out his website