Artist of the Month, July 2014 — TAFA

TAFA believes that sport is the great unifier or divider, and arguably, the great equalizer. TAFA notes that sport “is a metaphor for life and faith. I am fascinated by our collective allegiance to the stars and deities of the game, and the almost primordial pull of the arena. Is this our Mount Olympus, our ziggurat, our golden calf ?”

New York artist TAFA, is an award-winning painter whose work is exhibited and collected internationally. His style is characterized by a richly vivid palette and heavily textured surfaces. TAFA was named 2010 Sport Artist of the Year by the American Sport Art Museum and Archives. He has exhibited in the US, Japan, Europe, and Africa. His paintings may be found in numerous public collections, including the Superior Court, Washington, D.C., Barclays Bank, Sparrow Hospital, Michigan, Ghana’s National Museum, and Carver Federal Bank. Private collections include former New York City Mayor, David N. Dinkins, sportscaster Bryant Gumbel, and President Bill Clinton. More of TAFA’s works can be viewed here.